Honorees Bios

Ali Bloom (’88)
Audrey Schurgin Memorial Faculty Award

Ali radiates all of the warmth, exuberance, and intelligence that are hallmarks of SAR. Her SAR journey began as a student in fifth grade, evolved when she joined the faculty 18 years ago, and culminated in becoming an SAR parent. Ali remembers nearly every pasuk learned as an SAR student and regularly quotes them now as an educator.  

A Grade Six humanities (literature and social studies) teacher and Grade Level Coordinator (GLC), Ali has a deep commitment to rigorous learning and excellence, combined with a profound understanding of and an empathy toward the individual student both in and out of the classroom.  Ali's curriculum development and passion for literature and history are an integral part of guiding SAR as a 21st century school.  

Annually, Ali organizes and supervises the 6th Grade Shabbaton, Sukkot Chol Hamoed programs, Bar Mitzvah night, Yom Hazikaron tekes, and Moshava field trip.  She was the pilot teacher for the “Life Values” curriculum, and for years, she has produced the graduation performances.  Ali continues to innovate co-creating the “Home Base Program” and Grade Six “Community Meetings,” designed to enrich student life individually and collectively.  Naturally, Ali is a treasured mentor and confidant to her colleagues.  

Her greatest joy is leading hundreds of students in dance and song up Fifth Avenue each June for the Celebrate Israel parade.  

Ali, Daniel, and their children, Ami (AC '14, HS '18), Oshi (AC '14, HS '18), Judah (AC '17), and Nina (AC '22),  reside in New Rochelle, and are congregants of Young Israel New Rochelle.  When not at SAR, Ali is a Camp Parent at Camp Moshava, her second home away from home.