We are truly grateful to the continued generosity of our community whose tzedakah each and every year, funds the SAR Scholarship Program and helps make the SAR experience extraordinary for all our students.
Yahalom (Diamond)
Anonymous (2)
Giti & Jack Bendheim
Ludwig Bravmann
Sandy & Nathan Kahn
Teena & Larry Lerner

So blessed to be a Sting Family.
Thank you to our teachers, staff, administrators, lay leaders, involved parents and donors for making SAR the most amazing experience for our kids, grandkids and us.

Bat-Sheva AC '95
Mordechai AC '99
Shira AC '06, HS '10
Talya AC '06, HS '10
Aderet AC '22
Tehila AC '22
Yakira AC '26
Zoë AC '30
Orlee AC '30
Matan AC '32
Charlie AC '34
Ariel AC '34

Lauren & David Lieberman
Bettina & Spencer Waxman

It is a privilege and joy to be part of this very special SAR community. Thank you to our beloved SAR family.