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SAR High School Alumni are invited to attend the Dinner at a reduced rate. If you cannot attend, we encourage you to support the school with a donation. Your gift, together with the gifts from the community, helps to ensure that our school remains strong and that all our students, our future generations of SAR alumni, can experience an SAR education.

Please contact Lauren Katz, Director of Alumni Relations, for further questions: or 718.548.2727 ext. 1535

Ad Deadline: January 20, 2020

RSVP Deadline: January 27, 2020

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Your participation in this year's dinner is appreciated at any level and will be listed in our alumni section of the journal.
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(For additional tickets, please contact Tami Tropper in the Business Office.)

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We are profoundly grateful to the entire SAR community for all of your support and for your dedication to our shared mission to inspire and educate generations of students with great care and joy. Through your active participation, together we uplift our community through acts of kindness and learning opportunities, while walking in the path of Torah. 

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The complete Dinner Journal will be available exclusively for viewing online at This year's Journal will not be printed. A print copy of the Scroll of Honor (not ad text), listing donor names by level of giving, will be distributed to guests at the Dinner.

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If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Tami Tropper (718-548-1717 ext 1275) at the business office.

Thank you very much for supporting the SAR Dinner campaign. Gifts submitted after 6PM, January 27th, (the deadline for our SAR Dinner print scroll) will appear in our online Journal and will be acknowledged in the SAR Annual Report published each fall! We greatly appreciate your donation.